Patient Reviews

“Before acupuncture I had chronic pain in my lower back and sciatica in my right leg. I couldn’t sit in a chair, stand or walk without having terrible pain. Many days I thought I would go crazy with the pain that I had. A friend of mind suggested going to Mark, and I did. I feel so much better. Plus, the best part now… I have my life back.”

-Sandy D.

“Mark is a healer. I found him by chance and realized how the universe puts you in the places you need to be. I have a very busy and physical job with high stress and Mark has with his medicine made my life more enjoyable with less pain. After my sessions I am so relaxed and all my body just functions at an amazing level.”

-Lucinda G.

“Mark Shprintz literally helped save my life with his acupuncture. I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome when I was 24 years old, and by the time I was 26 years old I had quit my job and my passion (playing music) because of the chronic pain, numbness, and muscle atrophy in my hands and arms. I had two separate orthopedic surgeons tell me that I would probably be disabled for the rest of my life and that if the pain got to be completely unbearable, they would consider removing my first rib to relieve the pain…but that was the only thing they could do for me. I spent four years in chronic pain and depression before I found Mark. He was able to relieve pain that a host of doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists had previously been unable to touch. I am a completely different person now and playing music again, largely because of Mark’s healing abilities. Not only is Mark an excellent acupuncturist, he is a kind and gentle soul flowing with healing energy.”

-Dorothy D.

“I’ve had acupuncture all over the world including many visits to China and Mark’s treatments are the most accomplished. His touch is gentle and profoundly effective. I feel currents of energy moving through out my body and leave my sessions with Mark feeling revitalized and optimistic.”

-Daniel J.

“You will love Mark. He has this peacefulness about him that is so relaxing. His herbal treatments have allowed me to give up all allergy meds and the acupuncture has kept me working with a long-term ankle injury. When I show up with other issues like back pain or acid reflux he always has an answer for them. This is a great alternative treatment for anyone with chronic pain or tired of the pills on top of pills western medicine throws at you.”

-Faith R.

“Mark is a healer with an uncanny ability to zero in on the trouble spots. He has been treating me for lower back and hip pain and the results are amazing. I recommend Mark to everyone who even mentions that they are experiencing pain.”

Cindy H.

“Mark’s expertise is impressive. I’ve been to other acupuncturists when I lived in bigger cities, but nobody’s treatments have been more effective for me than his. Whether dealing with headaches or more complicated-seeming issues, he has a thorough understanding of the condition and offers several layers of treatment.
 In addition to being so accomplished, Mark is really kind – he encourages you to talk about what’s happening and listens carefully. He also has a fascinating perspective on the emotional components of health that he’ll talk about if you ask. 
Mark offers a comfortable setting, a caring demeanor and the highest level of skill – I highly recommend him, whether you’re new to acupuncture or already know what to expect.”

-Susan B.

“Mark has been invaluable to me. He managed to totally alleviate my severe pain. Mark’s approach is practical as well as medicinal. His treatments are extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. I have since referred my mother to Mark and she has found his gift of relieving pain and initiating the process of healing just as valuable. I highly recommend his services and am very thankful to have found him.”

-Nicholas R.

“After seeing Mark for the first time, for my circulation problem, I saw immediate results! I was living with numbness in all areas of my body, and I was thrilled with how quickly my body responded from the acupuncture! My body feels like it’s finally coming back into balance and healing all thanks to Mark. He makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed through the treatment, and I enjoy it so much that I almost always end up falling asleep during the acupuncture session! You can really tell that he loves what he does and I would recommend him to everyone! Thank you Mark!”

-Virginia E.

“I have to say that Mark works miracles! I would highly recommend Mark Shprintz to anyone who suffers from reoccurring pain. This has been the only thing to ever give me relief.”

-Alison M.

“Mark’s technique is awesome. I am afraid of needles and he is so gentle I don’t have any fear letting him work on me. I have seen a few acupuncturists in different cities and he is the best by far. Thanks for making me feel like a real person again, Mark.”

-Mary D.

“When I started acupuncture I was desperate to get relief from the pain and nausea of kidney stones. Mark not only took away the kidney stone pain, he also relieved my depression, got rid of my menstrual cramps and helped me be a more relaxed person. I owe him everything. He actually gave me the quality of my life back! Thanks Mark!”

-Elizabeth C.

“I started seeing Mark after my daughter was a year old and I was completely exhausted. He got me back together again and I was doing so well I thought I would give parenthood another go!! I am 8 months along now, and this pregnancy has been a piece of cake, totally different from the first experience and it is because I was able to work with Mark to get myself healthy again.”

-Katherine W.

“I have been going to Nashville Healing Arts for the past three months for hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. I have not experienced any of these problems since my second visit. Also I have not had a headache since my first visit with Mark and the constant breast pain since my lumpectomy one year ago has all but disappeared. I always feel great when my session is over. It is a very relaxing experience. I certainly recommend Nashville Healing Arts for any problem you might have. Mark is a knowledgeable, caring person who will do his best to help you.”

-Marlene F.

“There really isn’t a situation from a health perspective I can think of where I would not have Mark as part of the solution. Mark is very well versed in the way energy moves through the body, the principles, and practices of Chinese Medicine. He is a very good listener and explains his treatment strategy clearly. I have been to other acupuncturist before and I was very impressed with the care he takes in finding the acupuncture points and how precise and gentle he is. He has helped me greatly with neck, shoulder, and back pain. He has helped me with allergies, sinus blockages, and knows how to increase my energy levels as well as smooth them out when I have been under stress or feeling a little ragged. I have gone to Mark for several years now. In my view acupuncture is a necessary part of preventative and complementary care. This healing art is very versatile and Mark has a range of approaches with acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.”

-Ben A.

“I began to see Mark at Nashville Healing Arts nearly four years ago. When I arrived on his doorstep, little remained but a shell of a human being.  Shortly after the death of my Father, I found myself medicating with cocaine and alcohol, and the downward spiral was swift & severe. 
I had gotten to the place where I was literally grasping at straws just to go on each day. As a complete and total last resort, the thought crossed my mind to try acupuncture. I google searched, looked at his website…called and asked if this work could be beneficial for addiction issues. Needless to say, it IS beneficial for all emotional issues and the rest is history.
I can’t say enough good things about Mark & this awesome, life changing (or saving) work. Had it not been for the subtle and yet incredible changes that I experienced, I would literally not be alive today. There is a very gentle potency to this great work that is called acupuncture. 
Mark is an incredibly patient and gentle provider…Thankfully I trusted him with my life, and today am happy, joyous & free…. I continue to receive as the benefits have been incredible for me.”

-Ben O.