Olympic Cupping for Sports Performance and Healing

The 2016 Rio Olympics introduced Cupping to a worldwide television audience. Many athletes, including all-time gold medal champion Micheal Phelps, displayed distinctive circular bruises.

Cupping Acupuncture

Olympic style Cupping  at Nashville Healing Arts Acupuncture

Vacuum Cupping Massage is a traditional, non-needle technique for relieving muscular tension, particularly along the back and shoulders. It is fantastic therapy for sports and performing arts injuries because it improves circulation to  sore muscles and accelerates healing. Negative pressure draws tissue into the cup, gently stretching the area. This method greatly increases blood flow and reduces lymphatic congestion. Some bruising is expected with cupping as this indicates the degree of circulatory stagnation. Cupping marks are not painful and fade quickly. As the treatment is repeated the health of the tissue improves and bruising eventually becomes non-existent.

Cupping is the original myofascial release and decompression therapy. Cups can be placed over trigger points or slid with lotion over broad areas to restore natural movement. Acupuncturist Mark Shprintz is expert with this versatile method and has perfected a variety of vacuum cupping treatments for pain due injury, stress and overuse. He combines cupping with acupuncture and dry needling for comprehensive sports and performance medicine.

Cupping is also tremendously beneficial for non-athletes. It shows great success treating whiplash, headaches, fibromyalgia and respiratory constriction.

Mark Shprintz is a Tennessee Licensed Acupuncturist and a Nationally Certified Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His practice, Nashville Healing Arts Acupuncture, is located in East Nashville. Mark is an expert at alleviating muscular tension, recurring inflammation and the health consequences of emotional stress. He uniquely combines Trigger Point releasing with Traditional Acupuncture methods of holistic healing. For more information please visit his website. www.nashvillehealingarts.com

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