ELDOA Spinal Exercises for Health, Fitness and Recovery

ELDOA is an exercise system that creates therapeutic space between the vertebrae, decompressing the discs and nerves. It respects your body’s holistic integrity and specifically targets individual spinal units. It is one of the most effective spinal rehabilitation methods available.

ELDOA exercise heals injuries, improves posture and can be adapted to all levels of fitness.

ELDOA for Fitness and Recovery

Nashville Healing Arts offers individualized ELDOA instruction as independent therapy or in combination with Acupuncture or Trigger Point Dry Needling.

There is specific ELDOA for each spinal vertebra and instructions are customized to the individual client’s fitness or recovery goals. There are general ELDOA exercises that are wonderful additions to any workout or wellness program.

Neck & Shoulder Healing ELDOA

Mark Shprintz is a Tennessee Licensed Acupuncturist and a Nationally Certified Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His practice, Nashville Healing Arts Acupuncture, is located in East Nashville. Mark is an expert at alleviating muscular tension, recurring inflammation and the health consequences of emotional stress. He is trained in the ELDOA Method of the Spine.



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