Alma J’s Acupuncture Review

“I saw Mark Shprintz  for acupuncture after being diagnosed with De Quervain’s tendinitis on my right wrist, which began shortly after my son was born. The condition was extremely painful. I was unable to do many of the basic things as a new mother that required me to flex my thumb and rotate my wrist (pick up my son, change his diaper, button or zip up his clothes). I am an attorney and I thought I’d have to learn to write with my left hand. I was discouraged when the possibility of surgery arose during my first and only visit with an orthopedist. A friend recommended I see Mark for acupuncture and I began to notice improvements almost immediately. I’d been living with pain for months and fearful I’d never get better but Mark was gentle, precise and always encouraging. Over the course of several visits, Mark fine-tuned his treatment so that I was able to get the most benefit from the short amount of time we had before my family and I were moving to Florida. Within a few weeks the pain had gone away completely and the use of my wrist was fully restored. I can pick up my son with ease, and he is growing fast! I only wish I had seen Mark sooner.

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