Ben O’s Acupuncture Review

“I began to see Mark at Nashville Healing Arts nearly four years ago. When I arrived on his doorstep, little remained but a shell of a human being. ¬†Shortly after the death of my Father, I found myself medicating with cocaine and alcohol, and the downward spiral was swift & severe.
I had gotten to the place where I was literally grasping at straws just to go on each day. As a complete and total last resort, the thought crossed my mind to try acupuncture. I google searched, looked at his website…called and asked if this work could be beneficial for addiction issues. Needless to say, it IS beneficial for all emotional issues and the rest is history.
I can’t say enough good things about Mark & this awesome, life changing (or saving) work. Had it not been for the subtle and yet incredible changes that I experienced, I would literally not be alive today. There is a very gentle potency to this great work that is called acupuncture.
Mark is an incredibly patient and gentle provider…Thankfully I trusted him with my life, and today am happy, joyous & free…. I continue to receive as the benefits have been incredible for me.”

-Ben O.



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