David M’s Acupuncture Review

“There really isn’t a situation from a health perspective I can think of where I would not have Mark as part of the solution. Mark is very well versed in the way energy moves through the body, the principles, and practices of Chinese Medicine. He is a very good listener and explains his treatment strategy clearly. I have been to other acupuncturist before and I was very impressed with the care he takes in finding the acupuncture points and how precise and gentle he is. He has helped me greatly with neck, shoulder, and back pain. He has helped me with allergies, sinus blockages, and knows how to increase my energy levels as well as smooth them out when I have been under stress or feeling a little ragged. I have gone to Mark for several years now. In my view acupuncture is a necessary part of preventative and complementary care. This healing art is very versatile and Mark has a range of approaches with acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.”

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