Acupuncture for Yoga & Pilates – Balancing Stress & Tension

Healing Emotional Stress within a Global Context of Physical Tension.

 Yoga and Pilates are fantastic, life transforming practices for strengthening our physical bodies and calming our minds. They offer wonderful opportunities for exploring ourselves as holistic beings and experiencing how every part of us is truly connected.

Balancing Stress and Tension

Our physical body resolves and stores emotional stress as muscular tension. Movement and stretching has the power to touch unresolved emotional energy. This is why Yoga and Pilates can feel so good, calming and enlivening at the same time. On the other hand, because painful emotions are often bound up within muscular tension some of us may experience anxiety, agitation or sadness as barriers of physical resistance are explored.

Overcoming Challenge and Struggle

The challenges of Yoga and Pilates highlight an internal struggle between our goals for opening and freeing and our habitual tendency for tightening and contracting. Sometimes this is a question of physical mobility and range of motion, understanding how excessive tension in the shoulders causes pain in the wrists such as during Plank or Downward Dog. Sometimes this is a more profound issue, understanding how releasing deep muscular tension in the Core, Psoas, Diaphragm or Solar Plexus can trigger emotional responses that are difficult and unsettling.

Untangling Knots

As an Acupuncturist I specialize in healing chronic pain and the physical effects of emotional stress. After ten years of working with Nashville’s musicians, professional athletes, Yoga and Pilates teachers, attorneys, young moms and senior citizens, I see physical pain and emotional stress as inter-related, two sides of a coin. Clients often tell me “I carry all my stress in my shoulders” or “when I’m angry my jaws ache” and how they’ve got muscle knots that never go away. My gift is untangling knots, finding stressed and tender places that are the source of someone’s pain and releasing them. The other, essential aspect of my practice is healing  physical tension within a global context of emotional stress.

Physical tension is inextricably connected with Emotional stress

You can’t stretch a knot out of a rope by pulling on it. Contraction inhibits blood flow, like a clenched fist. One reason is usually because of postural misalignment. The other reason is that knots are the result of chronic muscular contraction that is happening on an unconscious, neurological level and is often perpetuated by emotional stress.

Whole Body Healing

 My approach to Acupuncture emphasizes releasing physical tension because it is inextricably connected with emotional stress. In my experience, acupuncture is the best hands-on method for alleviating pain and restoring mobility. Muscular releasing techniques combined with Traditional Acupuncture that address emotional stress creates a whole body perspective on healing, feels really good and is profoundly relaxing. It is a wonderful opportunity to rest, integrating mind and body. The results are immediate and long lasting.

Mark Shprintz is a Tennessee Licensed Acupuncturist and a Nationally Certified Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His practice, Nashville Healing Arts Acupuncture, is located in East Nashville. Mark is an expert at alleviating muscular tension, recurring inflammation and the health consequences of emotional stress. He uniquely combines Trigger Point releasing with Traditional Acupuncture methods of holistic healing. For more information please visit his website.

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