Acupuncture for Stress, Immunity and Seasonal Allergies

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees a clear connection between emotional stress and the development of disease. Stress weakens immunity and makes us vulnerable to chronic disease.

Clean out your drawers

You can get so filled up with stuff, like a junk drawer. It’s good to step back and clean up.

Getting Sick and Never Really Getting Better 

Human beings have a tremendous capacity for adaptation to stress. Often this involves suppression, stuffing away what is too difficult to handle in the moment. Like a junk drawer filled with bad news. Eventually the drawer won’t stay closed and our stuff spills out. We’ve exceeded out adaptive capacity and then we get really sick or get sick and never really get better.

Unfortunately, this usually happens when we are most stressed, when we are demanding the most of ourselves. Some people are so highly motivated and task oriented that they manage to get through what’s required of them and then they get sick, when the job is done and they can finally relax.

Resilience, Recovery and Healing Potential
Acupuncture combined with customized Medicinal Herbs enhances your resilience and recovery power. In other words, something that might typically stress you out or  make you sick is more manageable.

Traditional Chinese Medicine calls this our Righteous Qi,  deep reserves of healing potential that is often stifled by our hassled, over-scheduled lives  and a reliance on antibiotics and unresolved emotional conflicts.

Antibiotics are powerful medicine but are too often used routinely. They treat the symptom without addressing  root cause of recurring illness. For example, Winter bronchitis turns into a Springtime sinus infection.

Flowers transitioning from Summer to fall bring alergies

The seasonal transition means different pollens and allergens can affect you.

Seasonal Allergies and Emotional Challenges

Autumn is a transitional time when we are vulnerable to the consequences of stress and fatigue. Shorter days, changing weather and a diet with more sweets challenge our respiratory and immune system.

Acupuncture and Natural Herbal Medicine supports immunity, alleviates stress and prepares body and mind for the physical and emotional challenges of the Holiday season.

Inspiring our Natural Ability to Heal Ourselves
Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes a dual strategy, a Yin-Yang approach to address  this complex situation: an individualized course of detoxification and support, clearing away accumulated energetic gunk while enhancing our optimum healing potential, allowing our Righteous Qi to flourish.

Mark Shprintz is a Tennessee Licensed Acupuncturist and a Nationally Certified Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His practice, Nashville Healing Arts Acupuncture, is located in East Nashville. For information about scheduling an Acupuncture Appointment  please call (615) 830-4700.

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