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Fees & Services

Acupuncture is gentle medicine and its benefits are progressive. Regular treatment is the key to successful therapy, quieting symptoms and addressing the root issues that cause chronic recurrence.

Nashville Healing Arts provides traditional whole-body acupuncture in a comfortable, private setting with individual attention.

$75: General Acupuncture Sessions

$95: Specialty Treatments including Sports Acupuncture and Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture as well as extended Traditional acupuncture sessions for complex health situations affording more time and attention.

Discount Packages:

Ten General Sessions for $600.00    

Ten Specialty Sessions for $800.00

Discounted Packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Discounted Packages offer patients the opportunity for regular treatment at a reduced cost, flexible scheduling and may be combined with the various Wellness Programs offered at Nashville Healing Arts.

Sports Acupuncture:
These intensive treatments are geared towards professional and serious amateur athletes and can dramatically accelerate injury rehabilitation, improve pain-free range of motion and release tension patterns. Mark’s advanced training integrates traditional methods with electro-acupuncture and other specialized techniques including trigger & motor point acupuncture for muscle, tendon and ligament injuries. Mark's approach is comprehensive and systematic and works with athletes to successfully alleviate pain, promote healing and optimize performance.

Individual sessions are $95 and Ten Session Packages are $800.

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation:

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation is a holistic cosmetic technique for revitalizing face and body.

Individual sessions are $95 and Ten Session Packages are $800.

Chinese Herbal Consultations
Holistic Health and Herbal Consultations (without acupuncture)
includes one bottle of premium Chinese Herbal supplement based on your individual evaluation. Twenty minutes.


Payment and Insurance:

Full payment is due at time of service. We accept credit cards, business and personal checks. Nashville Healing Arts provides a coded medical receipt that may be submitted for insurance reimbursement, Flex Spending, Health Savings Account or filed as a tax deduction when applicable.

Scheduled appointments that are missed, cancelled or forgotten with less than 24 hours notice are billed at the regular rate or deducted from discounted packages.

Explanation of Services:

Initial Consultation and Treatment

During this session we discuss therapeutic goals and a treatment plan based on medical history and an individualized, holistic diagnosis and receive a full treatment. Patients find these sessions very relaxing and usually experience improvement of their primary issues.

Regular Treatments Session

These sessions focus on alleviating symptoms and supporting the body's natural recovery power. Acupuncture techniques and point combinations are modified as the patient improves or as other situations develop. This is an individualized, dynamic process with many options including herbal medicine, diet recommendations and therapeutic exercise.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Supplements

Mark Shprintz is highly trained and certified to prescribe Chinese Medicinal Herbs and has selected the highest quality natural supplements for his patients.
Special orders and custom formulations are also available. Herbs are administered as encapsulated granules to ensure potency and convenience. The typical price for herbal medicine is around $20 per week depending on ingredients. Chronic, complex, recurring or changeable situations may require more than one synergistic formulation.
Mark is specifically trained in the safe prescription of natural herbs in combination with common pharmaceuticals.

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