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Mark Shprintz acupuncture

Mark Shprintz Acupuncture

Nashville Healing Arts is an Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic located in the Five Points area of East Nashville, serving the greater Nashville community since 2005.

Our mission is providing the best acupuncture care possible to our patients. Each session at Nashville Healing Arts is customized to your unique condition. It is this individualized approach that is essential for healing chronic and complex issues. Nashville Healing Arts provides Whole-Body Acupuncture applied with gentle attention in a comfortable, private setting that ensures confidentiality and encourages relaxation.

Skillful acupuncture is always the cost effective solution. Our rates and scheduling are flexible, allowing you the best opportunity for pain relief and achieving your wellness goals. Discounts for multiple visits offer patients the opportunity for regular treatment at a reduced cost, flexible scheduling and may be combined with the various Wellness Programs offered at Nashville Healing Arts.

Acupuncturist Mark Shprintz

Arm Acupuncture

Acupuncturist Mark Shprintz has earned an outstanding reputation for healing chronic pain and addressing the far reaching consequences of emotional stress. He shares with his clients insights and experience from over a decade of private practice. Mark’s acupuncture style is innovative and obtains quick, comprehensive and lasting results.

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Mark Shprintz is an expert at alleviating muscular tension, trigger points, post-surgical pain, repetitive motion injuries and recurring inflammation including digestive and bowel disorders, reproductive and menstrual issues, seasonal allergies and immune system deficiencies. He achieves superb results healing complicated diseases such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, improving sleep, mood and general metabolic functions. Mark’s acupuncture technique is gentle, painless and wonderfully effective for a variety of patients including seniors, athletes, musicians and anyone who is looking for a healthy and pain free body.

We specialize in  releasing chronic tension, alleviating pain and  restoring healthy mobility.

Mark Shprintz has mastered Sports & Trigger Point Acupuncture – Dry Needling  over many years and thousands of treatment sessions.  His  clients include professional athletes who’s goal is achieving the highest level of physical performance on a daily basis and enthusiastic amateurs who are looking to get the most out of the sports they love. The benefits of skillful Acupuncture are immediate, long lasting and may be the difference between natural recovery and unnecessary surgery.